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Venice, the city on the water – Attractions and things to do in Venice

To the special urban planning and for the artistic and historical heritage, Venice is considered one of the most beautiful cities in Italy and in the world, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Lagoon City of Venice

The historic center is located on over one hundred islands consolidated over centuries by works there, separated by canals and connected by bridges for the exclusive use of pedestrians.

The most charming way to reach Venice is to arrive by water taxi. At least for once in my life I wanted to savor what they feel the famous celebrities Film Festival. They don’t miss an opportunity to get into the lagoon with this unusual means of transport.

Like many travelers, I visited the city in a weekend; but Venezia deserves much more than a short visit: get lost among calli, campi and campielli romantic and slightly wistful is a unique experience. I vowed to return soon.

I am landing in St Mark’s square, the heart of Venice. It was for centuries the political and administrative center of the city, with the Doge’s Palace – residence of Doge – as a civil palace and St Mark’s Cathedral as the religious headquarters.

Other places of tourist interest in Venice are:

  • Rialto Bridge, economic engine of the Serenissima;
  • clock tower, where two “Mori” beat the chimes on the largest Bell of the city;
  • Grand Canal, the more largest canal that bisects the historic center;
  • Bridge of Sighs, which takes its name from the sighs of the convicts who were taken to nearby jails;
  • modern and discussed the Calatrava bridge, which took its name from the famous Spanish architect.

Everywhere there are the gondolas, the typical black boats, which romantically accompany tourists to discover the most intimate corners of Venice.


The Island of Murano

I don’t miss the chance to visit the Island of Murano near Venice, known for its glass. In a furnace, I observe in silence the work of skilled craftsmen who give shape to their imagination through the colors and shapes of objects that create. Glass artistic creations have always attracted me; it will be the unconscious feminine component of my personality?

Venezia Venice

The Island of Burano

It is time to land on the Island of Burano, country lace (I also appreciate this!). The colors of the building facades characterize the island and call the visitor to continuous photographs.

Back home, this time taking the train from the central train station Venice Santa Lucia (the namesake of my better half) and in just over three hours I reach Rome. Looking out the window of the train come to mind the wonderful views of the lagoon city, enchanted places, unique beautiful!

mappa dei paesi visitati
Versione italiano

Nato ad Aosta, cresciuto a Livorno, maturato a Roma, adottato dalla Calabria. Blogger per hobby, ho quattro grandi passioni: i viaggi, le motociclette, le immersioni subacquee e i cani di razza boxer. Spesso le combino tra loro come gli ingredienti di un piatto gourmet. Ho viaggiato attraverso cinque continenti Europa, Asia, Africa, America e Oceania cercando (senza riuscirci) di curare la sindrome di wanderlust.


  1. Lovely Falupe!
    I saw Venice, too, a couple of years ago…. all you described was exactly right.
    Shame there were so many people EVERYWHERE !
    Still wonderful experience!
    Regards. Marie

    • Lovely Marie,
      you’re right; the problem of Venice is the number of people who visit the city. Because it is so wonderful.
      Thank you for coming 🙂

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