Motorcycles rides


In life, sometimes, we take bad habits; vices that consolidates with the passage of time, to which we are particularly attached and do not want to leave. One of them is the road trip that I usually do in June, on the saddle of my sidecar “El Andador”, with my two women: the ever-present wife, with whom we celebrate an important anniversary, and Princess Luna, my white little boxer, both lovers of the Harley rumble. This time we depart for Slovenija, a one-week short trip to discover this country, which is rich of history and warlike past.

This travel experience was born from a “random assemblage” of six people united by a single passion: travelling by motorbike. So those six sinister characters (Fausto, Lucia, Marco, Serena, Marco and Vincenzo) goes to Los Angeles to enjoy a delicious French Dipped Sandwich from Philippe the Original, waiting to reach the Baja California (i.e. the Mexican California).

Sidecar passion! The craze for motorcycle trips, the love I have for my dog (Princess Luna) and the madness I share with my sweetheart (Lucia) led me to modify my motorcycle, a bold and cheerful Harley Davidson Street Glide, in a sidecar in order to enjoy the emotions I feel when I travel by motorcycle in the company of what I love the most, including the four-legged friend.