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Sidecar passion. Harley Davidson retro sidecar motorcycles

Sidecar passion! The craze for motorcycle trips, the love I have for my dog (Princess Luna) and the madness I share with my sweetheart (Lucia) led me to modify my motorcycle, a bold and cheerful Harley Davidson Street Glide, in a sidecar in order to enjoy the emotions I feel when I travel by motorcycle in the company of what I love the most, including the four-legged friend.

Yes, you read correctly, I created a monster with three wheels. That sounds childlike, senseless and not consonant with the maturity of a (now) over forty years old. But I strongly wanted! The project has proved to be a bit complex but finally I managed to make a wonderful and legally running vehicle.

In the beginning, I did not consider any difficulties I might have in driving it but, at the delivery of the modified motorcycle, all my fears, hidden in the deep recesses of my mind, have suddenly materialized. I said: “a lot of motorcyclists have driven a sidecar before you, and I see no reason why you should not be able”.

The 2017 Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride

Sidecar passion – Realizing a dream

Here comes the long-awaited moment of the delivery. In an open area free of traffic, determined as ever, I saddle up my iron horse, and now I’m in front of a new sensations; a question echoes in my mind, but how can I turn it? With a two-wheels iron I am used to steer bending the motorcycle without employing a minimum of effort; with the new vehicle I must rely on the handlebars. I can do it. I put in motion and go but did not imagine to put force, so much force, to curve.

Then that strange feeling of putting your feet on the ground… Andrea, the friend who helped me to create the “beast”, comes up to me yelling, “you must feel comfortable, the sidecar stands alone, there is no need to stabilize it with your feet.” I pluck up courage, metabolize those words and restart. The excitement comes over me and the fun is getting bigger.

Sidecar passion – On the streets of Bolzano

I’m ready to test myself on the asphalt. So with Christian, the other friend owner of another magnificent sidecar, we go through the streets of the center of Bolzano under incredulous eyes. With our sidecars we offer a unique spectacle; on the other hand seeing two sidecar speeding between cars is a very pleasant and unusual performance.

Sidecar passion
El Andador Sidecar – Bolzano – Il ritiro

Sidecar passion – The journey home

This is the so long waited moment: the return to Rome. I start descending the italic boot, accompanied by the faithful wife driving the car and with our Princess, unaware of what future reserves (travelling by motorcycle). The weather is not favorable; the rain becomes more and more dense, making asphalt more slippery. In some ways it seems to drive a boat; I understand, however, that driving a sidecar in these weather conditions is safer compared to a two-wheeler.

I come nicely wrapped by my thoughts and I pay attention to my driving technique. There is no problem if I drive slowly but if I drive faster steering becomes really challenging. Even braking must not be abrupt, otherwise the vehicle tends excessively to the left and the countersteering must be stronger. The sidecar is a motorbike for strolling and admiring the spectacle that surrounds us. I conclude my journey with the best expectations, happy to have completed a long-awaited project. Have a nice road to all.


I have to thank for the realization of the dream Andreas Harley Davidson Bolzano New Black & Orange and v-triebwerk, german builder. Sidecar passion!

Nato ad Aosta, cresciuto a Livorno, maturato a Roma, adottato dalla Calabria. Blogger per hobby, ho quattro grandi passioni: i viaggi, le motociclette, le immersioni subacquee e i cani di razza boxer. Spesso le combino tra loro come gli ingredienti di un piatto gourmet. Ho viaggiato attraverso cinque continenti Europa, Asia, Africa, America e Oceania cercando (senza riuscirci) di curare la sindrome di wanderlust.

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