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The Park of Monsters of Bomarzo. Mysteries and enchantments

With the summer approaching, the desire to spend our free time outdoors increases. Staying surrounded by nature, walking through luxuriant woods, away from the noise and chaos of big cities. Visiting the Park of Monsters of Bomarzo can be a good opportunity to spend a delightful experience, inebriated by the harmony of the environment.

Where and why

Not very far from the Capital, in the province of Viterbo, it is located this imaginative and mysterious monumental park. It was created in the second half of XVI century by Prince Pier Francesco Orsini, who belonged to the “lords” of Bomarzo.

After the death of his beloved wife, the Prince spent the following years searching the right inspiration to create a single work: the House of Wonders, known as Sacred Forest, also known as Monster Park.

The Park of Monsters of Bomarzo where terrifying creatures live

The eccentric parkof Monsters of Bomarzopresents itself to visitors as a work composed of irregular sculptures, surrounded by greenery, inspired by mythology and fantasy, manicured lawns, tree-lined avenues and fountains with water features.

Two sphinxes welcome the visitors to the wonderful park and warn them with writings which praise the beauty of the place. Both writings hide, in my opinion, the author’s awareness in having created a work that will be appreciated over time.

The Orc

Among the sculptures made by local stone blocks, the one which particularly drew my attention is the Orc, the very symbol of the Park of Monsters of Bomarzo. A large mask with mouth wide open; inside it the voices are transformed into amplified and distorted sounds, causing a feeling of fear into the unsuspecting guest.

Bomarzo Sacro Bosco The Park of Monsters

The leaning house

Then there is the leaning house, a small building built on a sloping boulder. Entering in this property, you immediately get disoriented like you are going to lose your balance, due to the tilting of the opposite floors compared to the external structure. It is not easy to write what you really feel but the visit to the little house, by itself, is worth the entrance to the park.

Bomarzo Sacro Bosco
Casa pendente


Another statue of this magical place that impressed to me is the one representing the mighty Hercules holds his legs. It’s another figure that reveals power and domination.

Striking sculptures at the Park of Monsters of Bomarzo

The most striking sculptures are also the whale topped by a turtle, with a carapace supporting a winged woman, and the elephant with a tower on its back, with the guide and the legionnaires.

The attractions of this magical garden are not the only ones I described. There are others that can create different feelings in each visitor and make him/her dreaming with the mind. Definitely visiting this unique park is a wonderful experience, as this place is able to entertain and surprise, frighten and disorient (more information here).

mappa dei paesi visitati
Versione italiano

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