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New York, in a different way – Motorcycle Rides in the U.S.A.

New York, in a different way! Transforming New York into an uncommon travel destination: this is the goal!

New York, in a different way

New York On foot

Manhattan is able to captivate any traveler and the best way to appreciate Manhattan is to discover iton foot – although tiring!

During the celebration of Halloween, the streets of New York are populated by masks, which are worn nonchalantly by the Americans.

New York
New York City – Halloween costume

The first days are characterized by sudden emotional changes: the sadness you can still feel about the victims of the Twin Towers attack, the desire of Americans to start again shown in the new One World Trade Center, the admiration of a Modigliani’s portrait at MOMA, the amazement of admiring the Flatiron Building, the joy of returning children in the FAO Schwarz toy stores, the charm of the Statue of Liberty.

Then the nature of Central Park, the fruits and vegetable stalls and the shows of street artists in Union Square, the journalists ready for news broadcasting at the Wall Street stock exchange, the screens of Times Square, the trendy shops of Broadway, the folklore of Little Italy and Chinatown, the gospel choirs and the colorful hats of Harlem ladies, wherever intoxicated by the scents of the food prepared on the food trucks.

Have you ever seen Man Vs Food on DMAX channel? We wanted looking for the places where man has challenged the food, first of all arriving at Katz’s Delicatessen to eat a juicy Pastrami Sandwich, then at Brennar & Carr for the famous Burger Gargiulo.

New York by motorbike

Exhausted by long walks but conscious of having already seen the best of Manhattan, we retreat a Harly Davidson Heritage.

New York
New York

With the bike the vacation turns: skyscrapers, bridges, murals, trees in autumn colors, everything flows around us and emotions change even faster. When the bustle of the city gets stuffy and the interest for shopping ends, with the bike we are free to change.

So, we encounter boys who shoot music videos in front of murals to show their talents on the network. We go north to visit the Military Academy at West Point and east on the tip of Long Island to visit the Hampton, where rich people live in luxury houses with Halloween decorated gardens, according to the kitsch and imaginative Americans style.


From the state of New York, running through New Jersey, we arrive in Pennsylvania, at Philadelphia. The afternoon is enough to visit the city. Independence Park, with the characteristic shape of a “L”, which hosts the most famous historical sites; the old city with the beautiful Elfreth’s Alley; the City Hall with the statue of William Penn and the Reading Terminal Market, that also introduces the culture of the Amish; these are the stages of our journey.

Pennsylvania – Amish

The day after is devoted to Amish’s culture: on our HD, running through the Intercourse, we arrive at the Amish Village, Strasburg. Watching them crossing the street with their carts or working the fields, seeing the children playing football dressed with modest and ancient clothing, it has reported us on the set of “Little House on the Prairie”.

But during the evening still a challenge is waiting us: the Jim’s Cheese Steaks on South St. in Philadelphia, where the line of the hungry people starts outside the restaurant!

New York, in a different way: not a holiday but a journey, 1.000 km in motion, many challenges with food and with our curiosity, on foot or by motorbike, but always with the biker eyes!


Marco of America in Moto: thank you so much for arranging an amazing trip for me.


The article was published on the LowRide Lifestyle Magazine (read the article).

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