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Maldives – Scuba diving in Gangehi Island

I was tired of the cold winter and so I planned an escape to white beaches, hot and unfrequented places. Destination: the Maldives archipelago, maybe the last paradise on earth. In the winter, I love going to the hot sea.

Gangehi Island

For our second trip in the Maldives we chose Gangehi Island, one of the most beautiful islands in North Ari Atoll.

A beautiful place. White beaches soft like talcum powder, coconut palm trees, crystal turquoise waters and a beautiful white sand spit that goes into the lagoon.

The Island was very small; it was easy to go around it in few minutes. On the interior of the Island the vegetation was lush.

Gangehi Island

Maldives Underwater

At Maldives, every morning we decided to go diving. The underwater world was fantastic. There were many fish: a lot of surgeonfish were around us, shoals of snapper swam with us, many sharks,  white and gray tip reef sharks, escorted us during the scuba diving.

The corals were abundant and offered shelter to a multitude of creatures, ghost pipefishs, leaf fish, clownfishes.

Spectacular walls covered with soft corals in breathtaking colors, ravines and caves where it was easy to meet baby sharks who were sleeping safe from dangers.

The laced moray, the eagle ray and finally the manta ray were the best creatures we saw. After six hundred scuba diving we saw a fantastic show. The big pelagic fish flew in the blue like angels with extraordinary elegance. We looked at them until the last bar.

During the navigation, between a scuba diving and another, we saw the dolphin who jumped outside the water enjoyed riding the waves and the turtle who stayed on the sea in the sunlight.

Maldive Maldives
Spot-Face moray Maldives

Relax on the island

At Maldives, the afternoons passed quickly. Simple moments become regular events for us, not to be missed. Letting ourself be stroked by the breeze comfortably lying in the sun. Walking on the white sand spit. Watching the volleyball match played by the resort’s workers. Seeing the gray heron fishing in the lagoon. Enjoying enchanted sunsets.

A relaxing trip, far from the stress of modern life, completely isolated from the rest of the world. A trip of a slow pace, to rediscover small gestures and the contact with nature, a piece of landscape of indescribable beauty. Welcome to Maldives.

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    • Grazie Anna.
      Ho modificato l’attrezzatura video nel corso degli anni cercando di ridurre sempre di più le dimensioni, in modo particolare per le videocamere. Ora uso una Canon PowerShot G15 per le foto ed una Nikon Coolpix AW130 per i video. Un caro saluto.

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