Live free or die. New England Fall Foliage tour

A motorcycle ride to admire the colors of foliage and attend the halloween party. Recommended driving tour for exploring New England.

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If I were to give a title to our last trip, I would have no doubts about the choice: “Live free or die“; this is the slogan of New Hampshire, one of the six New England States, region located in the northeastern part of the U.S.A.

This is the sensation an adventure in motorbike, in particular, the one we experienced in the ten days spent admiring the color explosion of the leaves of the deciduous trees, the spectacular autumnal phenomenon of the foliage.

Our itinerary

After a short stay in Boston, to explore the historical roots the birth of the United States of America, withdrawn the red Harley Davidson Electra Glide in perfect harmony with the colors of autumn, we have traveled the northern coast of Massachusetts, crossed the New Hampshire up to fishing’s village of Bar Harbor, Maine.

U.S.A. - New Hampshire - Weirs Beach
U.S.A. – New Hampshire – Weirs Beach

It is a route that leads to the mysteries of the Salem’s witches, to visit the narrow cobbled streets of Portland, to the discovery of the fantastic lighthouse in Cape Elizabeth and to climbing of Acadia National Park .

In addition to the spectacle of nature, this time of the year offers the possibility to enjoy the Halloween’s celebrations. It’s a sight see the houses and the gardens decorated with giant pumpkins, skeletons and witches. We were attracted to a garden with balloons in the form of motorcycles and zombie biker and by a young boy with the vampire teeth walking with a cat with bat wings.

U.S.A. - Massachusetts - Salem
U.S.A. – Massachusetts – Salem

Leaving the coast, it’s time to explore the White Mountains that have the white in the name but in autumn they wear bright shades, from red to yellow, who shining under a crown of rocky peaks. Not to be missed is the Kancamagus Highway, a mountain road that winds between exciting scenes between Lincoln and Conway.

Last stop in Lake Winnipesaukee (from Indian language: smile of great spirit) the largest lake in New Hampshire and we are back in Boston. Another around town before returning to the routine of every day to enjoy the American style, while admiring the boys who dancer the breakdance in the street.

We return home with a new luggage; it is not necessary seaman on board, because it is only full of sensations that the New England has made us live and that no one will never take away from us.


Marco of America in Moto: thank you so much for arranging an amazing trip for me.


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